I‘m glad you’re here!

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Thank you for taking a few moments to get to know me. The short version is that I’m an Author, Speaker and Thought Leader.  My detailed resume includes Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Creator of the Mohr Method of Healing, Astrologer and Spiritual Adviser.

But what what I really am is an Enriched Life Enthusiast!

However, this attitude and awareness was not a part of my early years. 

During high school I was often severely depressed and felt alone. At the age of 17, I was hospitalized for depression and realized something very significant about myself – I have a very important duty in this world to help and heal people. 

The second day in the hospital, I was able to intuitively role play to another patient the person who wounded her, and say the healing words she needed to get out of there. After having been in the hospital for several weeks, she was discharged two days later. While in the hospital, I learned that I had, and still have, the ability to frame a perspective of life that is of truth and love and light, and that I’m able to coach people to their highest good, seeing themselves as I do – as their beautiful souls.

At age 19 I began teaching Reiki and “Intention” (better known as the Law of Attraction). Learning Reiki has opened up my intuitive abilities beyond words. I believe that it is the gateway to tapping into the dormant part of our brain. Everyone has the ability to tap into the part of their spirit that tells them who is calling on the phone, when to bring an umbrella, when to go on that second date, when to take that job, when to leave that job, etc. 

Life is SO much easier when we listen to our inner compass and follow it!