The World’s Most Comprehensive Self Study Course for Reiki


The Mohr Method of Healing is the only Reiki Training System of it’s kind in the world. With over 18 years in the making, this system teaches Reiki, Energy Protection, and The Law of Attraction, all in one. The training manuals include full-color images and a complete Reference and Support section making it the most extraordinary and all-encompassing system available.

• Full-color images

• Step by step instruction

• Free online resources

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Reiki 101

The purpose of Reiki 101: The NEW Mohr Method of Healing Level One Self-Study Guide is to provide you with the tools for you to perform Reiki while applying it into your everyday life.

Unlike other Reiki healing systems, the Mohr Method integrates the concepts of The Law of Attraction, as well as energy protection. These practical additions make Reiki something you can use every moment of each day.

Most Reiki systems require that you perform regular, full healing treatments on yourself and others. Although this is definitely useful in mastering Reiki concepts, you may use the techniques shown in Reiki 101 while you are driving, shopping, at work, or at a social event. In addition, these techniques are so subtle, you may perform them without ever telling anyone what you are doing.

Imagine – you will have the opportunity to play “guardian angel” to the people of your world and your environment, each and every day!

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Reiki 201

Take control of your life, your health, and your happiness with Reiki.

Building on the teachings and learnings of Reiki 101: The NEW Mohr Method of Healing Level One Self-Study Guide, Reiki 201 reveals the secrets of working with energy and intention. Be prepared to explore the true magic of the Law of Attraction. Learn about energy frequency and how to pulse your energy to the world.

This second level of Reiki will significantly increase your intuitive awareness. It will also provide you with the skills needed to send healing energy to remote places, to project protective bubbles onto others, how to see and feel auras, and much more. This program also includes a virtual attunement, Reiki Level Two certification, as well as a FREE online bonus chapter!

Mohr Infinite WISDOM

In Mohr Infinite Wisdom: Timeless Life Lessons for Today’s World, author Lisa Mohr shares her very personal observations and experiences gleaned from more than 20 years of successfully coaching people who want to fully embrace all of life’s offerings.

WISDOM is an acronym for Wealth • Insight • Success • Discover • Optimism • Manifestation.

Topics covered in this hands-on inspirational guide to enhancing your life journey include:

• Money & Prosperity
• Setting Healthy Boundaries
• Taming the Inner Bully
• Perspectives and Attitude
• Forgiveness and Release
• The Law of Attraction

Throughout this book, Lisa Mohr offers effective, thought-provoking lessons to guide you to a profound place of empowerment, peace, and joy.

Published 2014 – 206 pages

Children, Animals & Energy

I believe that we create fields of energy around us. There are people that are just upbeat and inspiring, and you just feel good around them. There are other people that are negative and bitter, and you feel yucky and cold around them.

That said, when we come into our house, the last thing we want to do is keep our energy in check, right? We want to kick off our shoes, get into our pajamas, and be comfortable, maybe vent for a half hour. Just be aware that when you dump, that energy stays in the house. Your children are marinating in it and they pick it up. I know for a fact that if you’re a sensitive person or a sensitive child, it’s very hard to be in that environment.

When you come home and you have a bad day, be aware of what your energy does to your spouse and to your children and to your pets because it’s very real that it’s around you.

In this book, I’ll share insight and practical tips on how to preserve, enhance, and share your energy in a positive manner.

Lavish Your Lover

When was the last time you lavished your lover with your touch and your absolute desire to treat your partner to a wonderful massage?

Lisa Mohr, LMT, has created this hands-on, fun guide to releasing tension, enhancing relaxation, improving communication, and enjoying one another even more—through massage.

A licensed massage therapist since 1995, Lisa Mohr shares the secrets of the professionals that you can practice in the safe and intimate environment of your own home.

Techniques for these amazing 29 time-proven strokes are demonstrated using photos, words, and online video clips. Strokes include:

• Palm Hearts
• Gentle arm, finger, and leg “milking”
• Back push-pulls
• Butterfly
• Rump rainbows
• 10,000 hands

Includes FREE online step-by-step videos for each stroke!