I’m Lisa Mohr – creator of The Mohr Method of Healing.

It’s no accident you’re here. The universe has sent you here for a reason. Here is your opportunity to explore, gain insight, and expand your awareness of Reiki.

If you’re new to Reiki this site will provide you with a gold-mine of valuable information. If you’re already a Reiki practitioner, this site will be an excellent resource to help you further your study and application.  Regardless of your past experience you’ll find that The Mohr Method of Healing will provide you a deeper understanding and connection to this Universal Life Energy.

“Learning Reiki has opened up my intuitive abilities beyond words. I believe that it is a gateway to tapping into the dormant parts of our brain.”

The Mohr Method of Healing is a unique Reiki training system created by Lisa Mohr, LMT. This system is more diverse and extensive in it’s daily and overall application than traditional Reiki alone because it effectively combines Usui Reiki with The Law of Attraction, and Energy Protection. The blend of these three powerful practices allow for intuitive abilities and healing at an unprecedented level.

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